Summer Destination ~ Bahamas

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I feel so relaxed writing this blog post, thanks to the magical island of Nassau. This was my third time going to the Bahamas and each time it seems to be better than the last.

My family and I stayed at the Atlantis Resort, which includes a water park, beaches, spa, dolphin interactions, museum, aquarium, and many fun filled events.

My favorite has been the man made river that runs through the water park. You have sharp turns and rapids, as well as a royal tower that propels you through numerous slides. I know how fun right?

Luckily, we were also there during the Miss Teen USA Pageant. I got to see glimpse behind the scenes filming and the girls walking around in their pageant dresses.

Overall it was a trip I will cherish with my family and we will definitely be returning for trip number four. Don’t forget to click on the links below if you want to purchase anything I wore.

Comment below and tell me what you think about the Bahamas

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Aldo Sunglasses ~ Forever 21 Bathing Suit

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 Marketplace is by far the best restaurant in the hotel. Buffet style, all you can eat. They change the food each night and have their own hibachi grill station. It is a bit pricey but it’s worth it.

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 Lilly Pulitzer Printed Maxi Dress 

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Victoria Secret Bathing Suit

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Abercrombie & Fitch Romper

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2014-07-30 20.54.24

2014-07-30 20.54.27

2014-07-30 21.03.14

2014-07-31 10.58.00

Saks White Crochet & Tassel Romper

2014-07-31 11.06.48

2014-07-31 11.12.33

Victoria’s Secret Cutout Bikini

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