What Every Bride Should Know Before Buying “THE DRESS”

When it comes to wedding dresses every girl dreams of that it moment when you say, “this is the one.” Now, I know every woman has distinctive taste in color, fit, and style, but they all want that moment. That moment when all eyes are on you as you put on that veil and you know you’ve finally found the one. In todays post, I want to help future brides decided on what styles they might like and how you can wear them. Each dress is completely different, but all have something special and unique about them.

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My first pick is probably the most unconventional, but thats why I love it. I know I’d be wearing something distinct and it’s out of the norm. The peeking lace bordering the v-neck, the delicate bow detail on the waist, and the subtle sheerness makes this dress my favorite.


This is the epitome of romanticism. The sheath fit and exquisite lace shoulders are so elegant and lady like. The key to this dress is tailoring and choosing the right accessories. Go simple, hair pinned back and long earrings. Let the dress do all the rest.


All about the embellishments. This bride has to love some sparkle and a has to have a little attitude as she makes her way down the aisle. The beading is done so impeccably and is placed to flatter any brides body. I would wear hair down in romantic waves and simple earrings and bracelet. No necklace because you don’t want it to compete with the beading.


Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. I can’t say that enough. This dress is stunning dress. Few bridal dresses are simplistic but not simple. The sweetheart neckline and pleating in the dress are what makes it so outstanding. The embellishment on the waistline is always very pretty and shows off your waist. Also, because the dress is so effortless, you can wear more accessories or mix it up by wearing a head piece.


Lastly, we have a trumpet or mermaid style bridal gown. I know this style isn’t everyone cup of tea, but just because it’s a conservative dress doesn’t mean it is dull by any means. It adds a bit of sexappeal with the sweetheart neckline but tones it down with the 3/4 sleeve. This gown reminded me of Duchess Kate Middleton, who wore a similar style are her own wedding. Now if the Duchess of Cambridge can wear it, whose to say you can’t. After all every woman is a princess that day.

Bridesmaid Options


If you want your bridesmaids in a short dress I would opt for balance. You want your bridesmaids to show some leg, but you still want them to look tasteful. Short one shoulder chiffon dress with ruffles would be the perfect look.


If you have a black tie wedding I would suggest a strapless floor-length gown. Its both classy and fun with the beaded neckline.


What if you combined the two looks? I’m sure no bridesmaid would complain wearing this dress. Its fashion forward and the color is great on any skin tone. You know they could wear this dress to another formal occasion. They will be happy and so will you.


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