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Everyone wants a vacation at one point but if your trying to save money and want a quick escape from the real world, you definitely want to go to your local L’Occitane En Provence Store. The smell alone should attract you to walk in. I had the pleasure of getting a tour at L’Occitane’s new store in CityPlace. It is located in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida. Everyone there was so incredibly nice and I got to meet some fellow florida bloggers. I was taken section by section through out the store, learning in depth about the collections and products produced. Each collection offers so many benefits to your skin and the process behind each items is so unique and special. There’s perfume, scrubs, firming creams, hydrating lotions, Shea butter, candles, and even a men’s collection. Basically anything and everything you want to put on your skin. Trust me, I wanted to purchase all of the products, but knew I had to control myself and only get a few.  Continue scrolling down to become more familiar with L’Occitane and why their products are so incredible and unique.

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 Great deals and gift sets!

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 Featured in beauty book “The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible” for having some of the best beauty items. One of the items being Cream Divine won, “Best Anti-Aging Miracle Cream” for the second time!

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L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream is their best seller. They actually sell one of the hand creams every three seconds. It doesn’t even surprise me, it smells and soothes skin unlike no other. L’Occitane also created products for moms with babies that are both affordable and functional.

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The Almond Scrub and Almond Paste are enriching exfoliants that nourish the skin.


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Men’s Collection consists of cologne, creams, shaving creams, gels, deodorants,  body wash, and soaps. I recommend the Men’s Aquatic & Adventurous Mistral Cologne. It’s a light scent, but very masculine.

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L’Occitane also has an Au Bresil collection. This collection contains exotic ingredients like Jenipapo and Vitoria Regia, also known as waterlilies. This specific water lily is extremely interesting because it’s one flower with two different scents and turns into two different colors, white and pink.

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L’Occitane is currently celebrating 20th Birthday to the Shea Butter Handcream!

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 I had an extraordinary time at L’Occitane in CityPlace and enjoyed the two products I got. The Verbena Body Salt Scrub, which was featured in Elle Magazine for being one of the “essential” eco-friendly beauty products on the market.  I also got the Creme Ultra Riche Corps with 25% Shea Butter. I tried and testing both products and my skin has never been so soft and hydrated.

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Hope you enjoyed this in depth blog post of my behind the scenes tour at L’Occitane En Provence. Please comment and tell me which products you want to try and if you’ve tried their products, which ones would you recommend.

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  • lipsticklovely September 1, 2014 at 10:41 pm Reply

    Great post! The Au Bresil collection looks amazing!

    • Kat Galarraga September 2, 2014 at 12:45 am Reply

      Thank you : ) Everything in the Au Bresil Collection had colorful packaging and smelled great.

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