DIY Lace Up T-shirt

I was able to transform an old men’s t-shirt into an edgy lace up tank, in a few easy steps.             The items you will need are listed below.

img_0780The t-shirt above is what inspired me to create my own version of a budget friendly lace up tank. T-Shirt = Insporation
img_0750Fabric Glue img_0752Trim (make sure it has holes so you can pull string through)img_0753Lace or Stringimg_0754T-Shirt you want to customize. I also had an old piece of cardboard that helps you cut better by placing the cardboard piece inside of the t-shirt (as shown in the picture above).img_0756Line the ruler up against t-shirt and outline the neckline you desire. Here is where it is personal preference. You can make a deeper v-neck like I did, or make it shorter. Whatever you would like. I suggest trying the shirt on before hand and marking it with chalk on where you would like it to be. fullsizerender-1Once you have the outline done, you can start cutting around the collar. DO NOT cut the collar off if you want the choker neckline, like in the pictures above. If you choose to have an open neckline then you can just cut the collar off. fullsizerenderRemove the fabric piece from the t-shirt. The t-shirt should start looking like this.img_0768Next you want to line the border of the neckline with the trim of your choice.
img_0765Make sure the trim goes all the way up to the seam at the top of the t-shirt, like so.
img_0770Once you have it flat and where you would like it to be, apply a thin layer of the fabric glue. I waited 2 hours for the glue to dry. It says 24hours on the glue but because I used a very thin layer on the borders it dried quicker. Good job, you’re almost done! fullsizerender-2Once the glue dries you can start lacing up the neckline. You want to make sure the lace goes all the way down to the end of the t-shirt because you don’t want to create a gap. fullsizerender-3The spacing of the string is also personal preference. You can make it wider and show more skin or create smaller gaps between each one to show less skin peeking through. fullsizerender-5When you get to the end push both lace strand towards the inside of the t-shirt. fullsizerender-7Once you have both inside separate the strands and tie a knot. fullsizerender-6I did a double knot just to be safe : ) You can never be too careful.
fullsizerender-4Whala, there you have it! it was only a few easy steps and doesn’t cost over $50 to make. If you choose an old t-shirt and budget friendly trim, it’ll be even cheaper than that. Have fun and be creative. Practice makes perfect so you can try adding different lace, trim, or even added studs to the collar. Comment below if you want more DIY projects or if you created a t-shirt using my guidelines. Would love to see pictures of your t-shirts! Until next time xoxo


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