How to: Perfect The Perfect Winged Liner

I’m pretty sure by now anyone who puts on makeup on a daily basis owns a beauty blender. If you happen to not own one, I’d definitely consider getting one. It makes putting on your makeup so much faster and look flawless. Just like its called Beauty Blender, this sponge is as light as a feather and blends your makeup smoothly. Whether it’s foundation, contour, concealer, highlight, the beauty blender blends it all. It doesn’t discriminate.

I was also recently introduced to their Liner Designer. It comes in a kit with a suction cup, mirror, and a liner designer (that looks somewhat similar to a guitar pick). By using the Liner Designer you can customize how intense you want your wing and quick manage to line your eyes perfectly. In only 3 Easy Steps!

3 Easy Steps

1. Place the suction cup on the mirror with 5x magnifier.

2. Place pointed corner of Liner Designer on the edge of your eye.

3. Line eyes using the edge of  Liner Designer as your guide.

It’s really that simple and I got a perfectly dramatic winged liner without the hassle of tugging on skin, retracing 20 times, or having to clean up after. New makeup find, that i’m sure all of you would love. So basically, You’re Welcome : )

Click on “Liner Designer” for direct purhase link!

BIGGGG SHOUTOUT to Photographer: Kendyl Blakeney @princessken_12 and                     Model: Jessica Chavis @jessicachavis



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